MSA Conference 2008 3/17/08 Please register for this years Muslim Student's Association Conference 2008 at The University of Utah!  Speakers Include Imam Siraj Wahaj and Baba Ali and more.   Please register here:: More Info>>>

Muslim Group Launches 2008 Election Effort 1/3/08 (WASHINGTON, D.C., 1/02/2008) – A prominent national Muslim civil rights and advocacy organization today launched an effort designed to increase Muslim participation in this year’s state and national elections. Full Story>>>

CAIR Asks Giuliani to Repudiate Campaign Worker's Anti-Muslim Remarks 1/3/08  CAIR today called upon Rudy Giuliani to repudiate anti-Muslim remarks made by one of his campaign workers in New Hampshire. John Deady, co-chair of that state's Veterans for Rudy, told Britain's Guardian newspaper that Americans need to chase Muslims "back to their caves."  Full Story >>>

The Muslim Code of Honor 12/16/07 On July 11, 2007, leaders of major American Muslim organizations met to approve a national “Muslim Code of Honor,” which delineates key principles for Shi’ah-Sunni relations.  This document is based on similar agreements signed by Muslim leaders in California and Michigan. Read more>>>


Mitt Romney To Muslims: Need Not Apply 12/1/07 Submitted by Kia Sharafi "When it comes to the demographic make-up of his future cabinet, Republican White House hopeful and legendary flip-flopper Mitt Romney proved he can completely reverse his position in the span of just a single day." - Daily Kos This is not the first time that Mitt Romney has made incorrect statements about Muslims.  Previously he put Sunnis and Shias in the same boat as Al-Qaeda.  The problem is that all the world's 1.5 Billion Muslims are divided into 200 Million Shia and the rest Sunni.  Also, the 7-10 Million American Muslims are either Sunni or Shia, which is about as many or more Jews and Mormons there are in America.  Read more>>>


What Would Muhammad Do? 12/1/07 by Ibrahim Hooper "Given the ongoing controversy over the jailing of British teacher Gillian Gibbons in the Sudan for “insulting Islam,” perhaps it is time to remind us all how the Prophet himself reacted to insults, both real and perceived." - Ibrahim Hooper (CAIR) “You do not do evil to those who do evil to you, but you deal with them with forgiveness and kindness.” -Prophet Muhammad (Sahih Bukhari)  Read more>>>

Muslims Discover Ron Paul 11/28/07 Submitted by Rashid Aziz   Lately the buzz in the Muslim community is about a Republican from, not President Bush who Muslims gave a block vote for the first time around, but Ron Paul.  For a long time I did not understand what all the noise was about, until I actually sat down and watched the Republican debates on TV and Youtube.  Now I along with millions of Muslims in America (7 to 10 million) are voting for Ron Paul.  This phenomenon is not just among Muslims, it is among all Americans who want to return back to traditional conservative American values that recall images of George Washington on the Potomac or Ronald Reagan facing the Soviet Union.  Here is a website article I ran across that has a more detailed article than what I can send to you: thank you for accepting and posting my email.  The MFU has been a great resource for us in Utah and all across the USA.

Eid Ul-Fitr Mubarak! (Happy Eid Fitr) 10/13/07 May you have the blessings of fasting this month of Ramadan.  There will be Eid Ul-Fitr Celebrations at all the Mosques throughout the world on this day.  Marking the end of Ramadan.  Please don't forget to pay your Zakat Ul-Fitr (almsgiving).  Please check out for more information regarding sighting of the moon to mark the end of Ramadan.  Thank you to all of you who called us to see when was Eid Ul-Fitr, we hope we have been of help God willing.

Weber State University's Honors Issues Forum 9/9/07 Weber State University Honors Issues Forum plans to present a panel discussion (open to the public) this coming Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2007, about the events of Sept. 11, 2001, and forgiveness.  The organizers of the discussion plan to promote a discussion about various perspectives on forgiveness, religious and secular, that may help students to re-evaluate their feelings about Sept. 11 and the current world situation.

When:  Tues., September 11, 2007, 12:00 noon

Where:  Hetzel-Hoellein Room (Special Collections) in Stewart Library (Ogden, UT campus of Weber State University)
What:  Panel discussion followed by a Question and Answer session.  Honors Issues Forum provide presentations and discussions of important topics related to current events.


Shouldn't an overwhelmingly Christian population forgive its enemies?  If so, then how should this be reflected through personal actions?  What effect should forgiveness have on U.S. foreign policy?  Why is there still so much hatred and intolerance shown toward Muslims in the U.S.?  What are Christian churches doing to combat this hatred? 


Weber State University's Honors Issues Forum plans to present a panel discussion (open to the public) this coming Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2007, about the events of Sept. 11, 2001, and forgiveness.  The organizers of the discussion plan to promote a discussion about various perspectives on forgiveness, religious and secular, that may help students and members of the public to re-evaluate their feelings about Sept. 11 and the current world situation.


This highly controversial topic on the sixth anniversary of the September 11 attacks will feature local speakers representing one or more religious viewpoints as well as a local family that was directly victimized by the attacks.  You will not want to miss this discussion.


Please email Paul Edward Clayton at or phone him on 917/648-2306 for more information or for directions. Also, please contact Bobby Darvish at  to volunteer as a speaker on behalf of the Muslim Forum of Utah or another organization.


Salt Lake American Muslim Festival 2007 9/2/07 Ejaz Shaikh discusses the puzzling name of the festival: "In a conversation on the spiritual nuances of the term ''jihad,'' Ejaz Shaikh raises his voice to be heard over the drumbeats and vocals of American Indian music crescendoing from the stage nearby in Washington Square." read more>>>


Muslim Forum of West Virginia? 9/1/07 We are looking at opportunities for opening a chapter of The Muslim Forum in West Virginia! The main Mosque in Charleston is an excellent example of a moderate and mainstream community Mosque that should be emulated by other Mosques.  The Imam is a very progressive yet traditional person of great knowledge. A Muslim Forum added to this already small but progressive community may take things to a new level of excellence.  If you are a West Virginia resident and wish to contribute ideas please email


MFU To Go National? 9/1/07 The Muslim Forum of Utah is looking at opportunities to go national!  The concept of a homegrown, grassroots and all inclusive American Muslim Community organization is being looked at to bring forth the mosaic, not monolith, of Islam in America.  There are no known official national United Sunni, Shia, and Sufi organizations in America.  Most organizations are either Sunni, Shia, or Sufi centric.  However, the MFU has pioneered the idea of a United American Muslim experience where it does not matter if you fold your arms or drop them at your side to pray! The lack of a mainstream United Islamic organization creates isolated extremist enclaves of either Sunnis, Shias, and/or Sufis that can discriminate against other Muslims let alone non-Muslims.  The idea that the MFU is putting forward is to have something similar to that of the George Lucas idea of the future similar to that of the "Jedi Council" that you  have a member from each Islamic School of Thought that sits on a council to make united decisions in things such as moonsighting, fatwa, fiqh, etc.  Basically, recognized leaders for each school that agree on what is acceptable for their given school, but keeping in mind the respect of other schools. Please email your ideas/comments to


MFU Looking For Journalists, Media Specialists, Community Liasons & Writers! 9/1/07 The Muslim Forum of Utah is looking for talented people to intern in Utah and Nationally to help progress the MFU's much needed work in investigating and reporting on community activities and events.  Please contact Bobby Darvish at if you would like to volunteer at the MFU.  This independent internship program is great for graduating college students who wish to have experience with a non-profit corporation on their resume and who would like to work from home!


New Mosque in Salt Lake City! "The Islamic Society of Bosniaks" 6/16/07 "The Islamic Society of Bosniaks, in a modest, rented office building suite along 3300 South, opened its doors last month. And as of May 28, the community has an imam, or spiritual leader, of its own. "It's a big deal," Irfan Hasovic, 16, said soon after sunset prayers Tuesday. "I've been coming to the masjid [mosque] a lot more." The Murray High School student explained that he used to attend prayers in Salt Lake-area mosques only on occasion. Now, he's coming two or three times a day. All Muslims - whether they be Pakistani, Somali, Middle Eastern or from any other background - are welcome to worship in the new mosque. Prayers, as in all mosques, are in Arabic. But there's something about having an imam and space to call their own that's drawn in Bosnians: the common culture, the sense of family, the chance to see old friends." Now there are nine Mosques in Utah. SL TRIBUNE REPORT: 'Feels like home' SL TRIBUNE PICTURES: Photos


F.B.I. Citizen's Academy 6/7/07  "Want to find out first hand how the FBI works? Hear how the Bureau tracks down spies and terrorists? Learn how to collect and preserve evidence? See what it is like to fire a weapon and put yourself in the shoes of a Special Agent making a split-second, life-or-death decision? If you are a leader in your community, you just might be able to do that and more––through an FBI Citizens’ Academy, open for business in all 56 FBI field offices. Who attends? Business, civic, and religious leaders, each nominated by a Bureau employee or a previous Academy graduate. You must be at least 21 years old (with no prior felony convictions) and must live and work in the area covered by the field office sponsoring the academy. Please note: Because classified techniques used in criminal and national security cases are discussed, nominees must undergo a background check and get an interim security clearance." Read More:[FBI CITIZEN'S ACADEMY] Please contact the MFU to see if you qualify to be nominated to attend the FBI Citizen's Academy at


New Mosque in Salt Lake City!  "The Utah Islamic Center" 6/7/07 Utah's eighth Mosque..."On Sunday, April 15, 2007 40 brothers and sisters gathered at Marriot Hotel, after careful deliberations it was unanimously agreed upon that there is a need for an Islamic Center in the southern part of the valley. Many brothers stated how difficult it was for them to travel up to 25 miles to reach either of the two Mosques. Each one present stated their vision for an Islamic Center. With the help of Allah, Utah Islamic Center will be a self-sufficient, progressive institution catering to the religious, educational, social, and various other needs of the diverse Muslim community living in Utah, especially those living in the southern part of the valley, without prejudice to any group or sect, and without petty politics. The institution will be transparent and held accountable to the highest standards. It will be a place where everyone will feel welcome and comfortable. An advisory committee was formed consisting of 9 brothers and 4 sisters." "The overarching goal is to be "inclusive, progressive and transparent," Din said. A Shia Muslim is serving on the advisory council, something that was not allowed in the Islamic Society constitution, he said. Though there will soon be a separate area for women to sit in the mosque, Ahmed said they are welcome to join men in the same room if they prefer." Read More: KSL NEWS REPORT: Utah's Muslim Community Has a New House of Worship SALT LAKE TRIBUNE REPORT: Utahn's Open New Mosque [Official Homepage of The Utah Islamic Center]


Muslim Foreign Exchange Students: Host Families Wanted 5/24/07 C.E.T.U.S.A., The Council for Educational Travel U.S.A has many students of the muslim faith that prefer to have a family with the same faith. They are interested in finding families that may be interested in hosting these wonderful kids. Please contact [Darcie J. Behunin] if you would like to apply to be a host family.  Please contact Bobby Darvish if you have any questions:


The Khadeeja Mosque Greets a New Imam 5/8/07 The Utah Muslim Community was shocked earlier this year when the longtime Imam Shuaib-ud Din was fired on charges of domestic violence to which he recently pleaded guilty to.  The new Imam: Farid Farooqi was born  in Pakistan and is a permanent resident who is awaiting citizenship.  Currently he has a one year contract with the ISGSL, which will be re-evaluated at the end of the contract time period.  MFU EditorialSL Tribune Article | Deseret News Article


Need to Know about Israel-Palestine. Roots of conflict. Prospects for peace." 4/18/07 by Dr. Norman Finkelstein,  Wednesday, April 18.  Here is a list of videos of Dr. Norman G. Finkelstein's previous lectures: [Videos]  Event: [Download Flyer]


PRESS RELEASE: PANEL DISCUSSION: "How To Wage Peace" 4/13/07 Sponsors: Chamade, Utah Psychological Association, University of Utah Peace and Conflict Studies, Utah Valley State College and SentryWest Insurance Services. Bobby Darvish, MFU President was one of the panel members as well as Maysa Kergaye, who is head of the Islamic Public Speakers Bureau.  [Download Flyer]


PRESS RELEASE: CANCELLED: THIS SHOW HAS BEEN CANCELLED. DUE TO UNFORSEEN DIFFICULTIES DELAYING THE ARRIVAL OF THE ARTISTS, THIS PERFORMANCE WILL NOT TAKE PLACE. IT MAY BE RESCHEDULED AT A TIME AND PLACE NOT YET IDENTIFIED. TICKETS WILL BE REFUNDED. PLEASE CONTACT THE TICKET OFFICE AT 581-7100 OR COME IN PERSON TO THE WINDOW. WE REGRET THE INCONVENIENCE.  Whirling Dervishes Featuring Poetry of Rumi Coming To Salt Lake City! 3/15/07 Global Cultural Connections will present a very special series of performances.  One Of The Wonders Of Turkey, Whirling Dervishes, are going to perform one of the most exquisite ceremonies of spirituality, a mesmerizing seven-centuries old Islamic Sufi ritual, incredible performance featuring beautiful costumes, hypnotic live music with flutes, string and percussion, and the amazing sight of the Dervishes whirling on the stage. This site provides you information about performances of the Whirling Dervishes from Afyon, Turkey. Their series of performances will include Los Angeles, Irvine, San Francisco, Reno, Tucson, Salt Lake City and Seattle. IMPORTANT NOTE: Sema is a spiritual act, so please DO NOT applaud while watching. You may kindly do so, if you wish, after the dervishes have left the stage.

For inquiries about Salt Lake City performance, please contact:


Looking For New Volunteers 3/14/07 The Muslim Forum of Utah is looking for new volunteers to help with projects, activities, and events.  If you have any talents that you would like to contribute with, please contact


Alrasool Islamic Center Upcoming Programs & Calendar Corrections 3/13/07 Please visit the following link to check out all the upcoming programs and calendar corrections from the Alrasool Islamic Center. [Upcoming Events]


U of U MSA Presents: Muhammad (pbuh) The Prophet of Doom or The Prophet of Mercy? 3/7/07 Jalal Abualrub, an Imam who has authored and translated several books, including Muhammad: The Prophet of Mercy, discusses issues pertaining to Islam, terrorism, and the Prophet of Islam.  For more information, contact us at, or visit the Author’s website at Saturday, March 17 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM University of Utah, Union Bldg. East Ballroom.


Alrasool Islamic Center Commemorating the Arba'en of Imam Hussein (as) 3/7/07 Maulana Hasan HabHab of Fort Lauderdale, FL is visiting AlRasool Islamic center starting from 10th Mar '07 till 12th Mar '07 to help the Shia Muslim Community of Utah commemorate the Arbaeen (40th) of the martyrdom of Imam Hussein AS (The Prophet Muhammad's p.b.u.h. Grandson). [Read More]


Islamic Society of Greater Salt Lake Bi-Annual General Body Meeting 3/4/07 The ISGSL will have it's bi-annual general body meeting today (Sunday, 4th of March) in order to give updated financial, current events, and general status information inshallah.  There will be discussions as well as a question/answer session for those who want to give ideas for future events/activities or have questions about current projects.  This is where you can be heard! Of course the meeting will be done in a respectful manner with ample security for the safety of those attending.  Some of the items of discussion will include the search for a new Imam for the Khadeeja Mosque that will fill the role of the newly departed Imam Shuaib.  Many people in the community say they want a tolerant, forward thinking, younger, older and progressive leader who will take the community to new levels of excellence.  We have recieved e-mail comments from community members who want to see somebody that can bring the sectarian and ethnic community together in intra-faith dialogues and cooperation.  We will assist the ISGSL anyway we can in order to establish better inter and especially intra-faith (ie. Sunni, Shia, Sufi) activities and projects.  When/Where: Khadeeja Mosque from 4:30pm to 6:30pm.

PRESS RELEASE: Death Threats Against Utah Muslim Community and Abroad 3/1/07 We condemn the death threats that have been hurled against the Muslim community in Utah and abroad by violent, intolerant, biggoted and racist people who wrote the following [Warning: vulgar language used] death threat letters. We have not received such strong threats before, however we have received an occasional negative comment and lots of positive comments in the past regarding Islam and Muslims in Utah and abroad.  What is clear is that there were some fanatical people who were blaming Muslims in regards to the unfortunate events that took place, which featured stereotypes of the violent Muslim man and the young terrorist, which were seemingly fulfilled by the actions of Imam Shuaib of the Khadeeja Mosque, domestic violence situation and Sulejman Talovic, the the young mentally ill Trolley Square shooter in the recent news.  We condemn all actions of violence, be they towards women or other innocent individuals of any faith in the community.  The actions committed by the Imam and the young trolley square shooter are both against the principles of Islam and should be followed up by education to both the Muslim and Non-Muslim community.  There should be steps taken to ensure that such things will not happen again God willing.  We suggest better funding for better programs and better communication with various parts of the community. We currently have no funding from outside parties, every project we undertake is from our own pocket books. 


Wanted: Militant Islam Monitor a.k.a. Beila Rabinowitz 2/27/07 We have found that MIM has been sued more than once, however being the criminals they are they are hard to get a hold of.  As you can see from the following information: " is one of the defendants and we have not served yet. They list a telephone number belonging to the Illinois Adult Corrections facilities and the address of a medical services company in Perioria, Illinois. We have just discovered that the owner of is none other than Beila Rabinowitz, who writes frequently with Joe Kaufman in The phone number there is (323) 556-2550 and I suspect that she lives in the northeast somewhere. We have less than a month to serve her and the website militantislam Any support is appreicated." [Read More]


PRESS RELEASE: The Muslim Forum of Utah Proposes New Muslimfest 2/26/07 We are working on getting the newly proposed Muslim Festival going, however we need your help in doing so.  We are formally requesting a representative from the traditional Sunni, Shia, Sufi, and Non-Sectarian communities as well as from the various ethnic communities to voice their opinions.  We also need help in organizing the festival (i.e.. when and where to hold it).  Everybody (Muslim/Non-Muslim) that is willing to help is welcome to volunteer from around the nation!  We will update you as this project progresses.  The purpose of this festival is to educate others about Islam and Muslims and the American Muslim Community that is made up of indigenous and immigrant Muslims.  Here is the model that we are using:, which provides an alternative entertainment that integrates moral values and faith. Encourages an artistic expression that is ingrained in American culture and is faithful to the spirit of Islamic tradition. Builds bridges with other ethnic and faith communities.  Creates an environment of outreach that is appealing to Muslims and non-Muslims. This will help facilitate unity and understanding between Muslims and Non-Muslims in the community. Those who are willing to contribute money include Mormons who have already pledged around $15,000 that will only be distributed once the project has been planned and implemented step by step.  Everything will require receipts etc.  The Mormon community is very similar to the Muslim community because of moral, ethical and family values.  Both groups do not drink alcohol or gamble in addition to other things.  If you have any questions, please email or call 801.979.7649.


MSA Daw'wah Table MSA table at the U of U every Thursday from 9:30am to 3:30pm.  So, if you have any questions you want to ask in person, this is your chance!  If you have any special requests regarding Sunni, Shia, Sufi, or Non-Sectarian literature, please ask and they will see if they can obtain it for you. MSA Website>>>


EDITORIAL: Right Wing Hate Group (Militant Islam Monitor a.k.a. Beila Rabinowitz) Slanders The Muslim Forum of Utah! 2/21/07 If this slander and defamation continue, we will take legal action against Beila Rabinowitz, director of and/or registrar Barbara R. in PA.  (This is what showed up on the WHOIS search that we conducted, however it could be a fake name or a case of identity theft considering that there is a Professor of Islamic Studies in PA with the same name and is actually friendly with Muslims and Islam).  Beila Rabinowitz who seems to be part of an Israeli funded hard core Zionist enterprise has been using hate, slander, and defamation for a long time against any Muslim group in America as you can see from the infamous blog.  Law Enforcement and Legal authorities have been notified of the incitement of hate, slander, and defamation in sued by MIM a.k.a Barbara R. in PA.  We request that the slanderous, defaming, hate information be removed from, in addition to the copyrighted material that has been cut and pasted on the MIM website.  Regarding our revision of our original press release...we received more information about the case regarding the Trolley Square shootings.  We were told by local Muslims and Non-Muslims that the shooter was possibly from a gypsy background in Bosnia.  Since then we have found out that indeed he was a Bosnian Muslim, however his actions are the result of mental problems and most likely PTSD from the Muslim Holocaust (8000 men, women, children massacred) by Orthodox Christian Serbs.  We are not Gods and do not profess to be Gods, we had the same information about the shooter as the rest of the community and media in Utah.  We get our information from the news mostly just like everybody else! Islam is not like the LDS faith, Bahai faith, and others who have their members carry identification cards or are registered in databases.  Islam is a loosely organized religion that does not necessarily have clerics and popes, with the exception of the Shia hierarchy, which itself has branches and various hierarchies.  Most Muslims follow a school of thought and/or Sheikh depending on which heritage they come from or go to.  So, when something happens in the community, it is necessary to go to the Islamic Society of Greater Salt Lake (Sunni) or Alrasool Islamic Center (Shia) for information regarding their respective members (the ones they are aware of).  There is no such thing as ex-communication, however if a Muslim does un-Islamic things, he/she is called a hypocrite (Munafiq). Hence, there is not a systematic way to know of all the Muslims in the community and their actions.  That said, I wonder if Christianity, Judaism, etc. would have been blamed if the shooter had been from their respective communities.  If a Jewish Rabbi was asked about a local Jew who had done some shootings, would he know who the shooter was and if he was a Jew or not?  I highly doubt it, in fact it is probable that if any other community was put into the shoes of the Muslim community after the shootings, they would not know much else either.  We did not lie in regards to the information about the shootings, we merely stated what we knew vs. what we did not know.  We are not like MIM who automatically blames the religion of 1.5 billion people for the actions of a single mentally disabled youth.  The Muslim Forum of Utah's mission is to cover the local Muslim media, education, civil rights, social work, and interfaith related activities in order to benefit all people of every faith in Utah.  In fact, because The Muslim Forum of Utah is not exclusively Sunni or Shia, it gets no funding from either community (that includes the extremist Sunni Wahabis that look down on our organization).  All expenses are paid out of pocket by MFU members!  Thanks to all the bad mouthing of Muslim organizations, everybody is afraid to fund Muslim organizations, including Muslims themselves!  Maybe if we or other Muslim organizations had better funding, programs could have been created to help Bosnian Muslim refugees who are mentally disabled.  That could have prevented such an event from happening in the first place.  The lies about many organizations and individuals, i.e..:  Considering that MIM is trying to Arabize the last name of MFU President Bobby Darvish, even though he is Caucasian is disgusting and shows the racist and bigoted intent of MIM.  Trying to imply that the Saudis back the MFU, which of course is rather funny...considering that the MFU is ignored by the local Saudi, Wahabi, Salafi, and Deobandi community, is ridiculous and laughable. The MFU meets with delegates by the request of the UCCD and the US Department of State.  We are happy to serve our country and oblige with the requests of the US Dept. of State.  The Saudis made comments of why we don't merge with other organizations like the ISGSL, which we answered with our all inclusiveness and sectarian neutrality would be jeopardized if we were to merge with a strictly Sunni organization.  Also, the Saudis in general do not really approve of  or understand Sufis, non-sectarians, traditional Sunnis, and Shias we work with.  The Muslim Forum of Utah directors are mostly American Muslims who have grown up in the USA and include Non-Wahabi Sunni, Shia, Non-Sectarian and Sufi Muslims.  MFU President Bobby Darvish started out his life going to First Baptist Church Kindergarten in Denton, Texas!  However, currently he is a member of the traditional 13th century North African Shadhili Sufi Order [related websites: (the university accepts non-Muslim as well as Muslim students),], which is an inclusive order that accepts Sunnis, Shias, and Non-Sectarians into it's fold.  Many people who have joined the Shadhili Order in America were former Jews and Christians, so they bring a lot of insight of local American culture into their activities.  They are able to work on interfaith activities with people of Jewish and Christian faiths exceptionally well.  MIM (a.k.a. Barbara R. in PA) needs to know that Muslims just like Jews and Christians are here to stay.  Hate mongering and slander shows what principles these fringe organizations (MIM) follow.  Many of Utah's Muslims and MFU members are present/former US government employees, Utah State government employees, US Military personnel, private/public business owners, professionals in the fields of medicine/healthcare, engineering, social sciences, law, and many other fields/businesses.  One of Utah's biggest FREE Healthcare centers was founded and is run by Utah Muslims.  Regarding the allegations of "Taqiyya", the writer (Beila Rabinowitz) does not even know what Taqiyya is and who, what, when, where, and which Muslims use it.  Generally Taqiyya or "Hiding your religion" is allowed only in life threatening situations.  For example during the Crusades if a Knights Templar wanted to behead a Muslim, he was allowed to do Taqiyya and hide his religion.  In Islamic Spain during the "Reconquista" Muslims were beheaded even if they did convert to Christianity.  The term Moriscos, which in Spanish means "little moors" is in reference to newly converted Christians from Islam.  The Spanish Crusaders did not consider the converts as real Christians, but in fact "little Muslims".  Coincidentally, many people from the Hispanic community are re-embracing Islam after finding out their names are Christianized Moorish (Spanish Muslim) names.  Taqiyya was also used by African-American slaves (80% of African-American slaves were from Muslim stock) when their Southern Christian masters forced them to accept Christianity and take their last names.  They still practiced Islam in secret just like their Moorish (Spanish Muslim) counterparts.  However, these are Islamic Law (Fiqh) related matters that are known better by Islamic Scholars.  You can learn more about Islamic Heritage here:


Sufism: The Heart of Islam Radio Show 2/17/07 And whoever is patient and forgives, indeed that derives from resolute mastery over one’s self. - Qur’an 42:44 Sufism: The Heart of Islam, Monday, February 19th at 5:30pm pacific time. This week will be about forgiveness. To listen from anywhere in the world, go to and click on the ON AIR sign under the cow at the top, right hand side of the page. And remember, the show airs live so if you're listening from another time zone, make sure to adjust accordingly. In January of 1995, Azim Khamisa’s life seemed blessed, if not downright charmed. He had a successful business, two gorgeous children he adored, and even though his marriage had dissolved, he still had lots of close friends and extended family to make him feel loved. Life was good. Until, that is, he got the late night call that told him that his only son, Tariq, had just been murdered. What Azim did then, set in motion a series of events which could never be undone – he forgave his son’s killer. Guided by his Ismaili upbringing (a sect of Shi'a Islam), Azim chose compassion over revenge; forgiveness over retribution, and now works alongside Ples Felix, the grandfather of the boy who killed his son, modeling peaceful, non-violent response to heart-breaking tragedy. Azim will join us to talk about his mission to create world peace through forgiveness through his work with the Tariq Khamisa Foundation ( Also on the show to talk about the healing power of forgiveness will be Hawwa Iwasaki. Hawwa was born in Los Angeles in 1937. When she was 4, her entire family was forcibly sent to live in a Japanese internment camp in Montana. When they were released four years later, her father’s business had been taken over, the house they had lived in was gone and Hawwa had a new baby brother who had never known any home but the barbwire-ringed encampment. Hawwa will talk about her journey to forgiveness and walking the Sufi path. I hope you can join us to drink from the spirit of mercy and forgiveness that these two extraordinary people carry. If you have any questions or comments, please email  If you have trouble accessing the show via the internet, please email the KWMR station manager at

PRESS RELEASE: Trolley Square Shooting Not Related to Islam & Muslims 2/17/07  The tragic Trolley Square Shooting that happened recently was not related to Islam and Muslims, eventhough the shooter happened to be a Bosnian Muslim.  Blaming an 18 year old's religion for his loss of perspective can set a new precedence in considering religion in cases similar to the Columbine shooting and others.  Also, it can set a new precedence in banning guns for people under the age of 21.  It should be noted that under the law alcohol is not allowed until 21 years of age, but guns are sold easily to youth under the age of 21.  Our hearts go out to the families that were hurt in this event.  The people hurt and killed could have been our own families and friends that attend the nearby Mosque, so we are happy that the perpetrator was killed before he could hurt anybody else in the community.  Officer Kenneth Hammond's heroic selfless act to save lives is well noted in the Muslim community, his actions are in line with the way of the "Futuwa" or "Youthful Islamic Chivalry".  Our Bosnian contacts in the community say that Sulejman Talovic, an 18 year old high school drop out and Bosnian immigrant, was a young man who lived a hermit type of lifestyle.  Political terrorism is not a factor, given his lifestyle and mental condition.  Many say that being a survivor of the Muslim Holocaust (8000 Muslim men, women, and children killed) committed by Serbian Orthodox Christians contributed to his mental state.  Post traumatic stress disorder can be a huge factor involved with his loss of perspective.  He was not known to have been religious, but infact secular in nature and possibly attended Mosque a couple of times. Even if he had been religious, that does not represent the communty, because his actions were anti-Muslim and hurt Muslims more than anybody.  There are alot of Muslim youth in Utah who are secular and drink alcohol, fornicate, gamble, and go to clubs in Utah.  However, they are not representative of the overall Muslim community within Utah or abroad.   If he was from a non-Muslim background, his faith would never have been mentioned in the news and media.  sltrib article>>> | relates stories>>> Also, please visit Islam Denounces Terrorism. New! Shootings possibly related to American Crips Gang:  "Sulejman Talovic, 18, who died in a shootout with police, made no mention of his plan for Trolley Square but said he was "hustling" guns and drugs for a gang, 18-year-old cousin Kemo Muskic told The Salt Lake Tribune." "Talovic said he obtained it from a member of the Crips gang, according to Muskic." [Read More]

Alrasool Islamic Center Observance of The Martyrdom of Imam Ali Ibn Husayn 2/12/07 There will be an informal program on Thursday February 15, 2007 in observance of shahadat of Imam Ali ibn Husayn at The Alrasool Islamic Center hosted by Utah's Shia Muslims.  Please click here to get more info: read more>>>

Muslim Forum President Meets Imam of the Al-Aqsa Mosque: Sidi Shaykh Muhammad al-Jamal 1/25/07  Bobby Darvish, President of The Muslim Forum of Utah met with the Imam of The Al-Aqsa Mosque, Sidi Shaykh Muhammad Sa'id al-Jamal ar-Rifa'i ash-Shadhuli of the Shadhiliyya Sufi Order, head of the Higher Sufi Council in Jerusalem and the Holy Land, teacher at the holy mosques at al-Aqsa in Jerusalem who is Palestinian and resides in Jerusalem on The Mount of Olives.  He is also a retired Qadi (Islamic Law Judge).  A distinguished person of international stature.  He visits the USA once a year to help the University of Spiritual Healing and Sufism and visit with people.  The Shaykh opened with his connection to the lineage of the Prophet, which Mr. Darvish replied that they had a common bond by being descendants of the Prophet (Sayeds/Sidis).  He also mentioned that he had traveled the middle east, extensively and even knows every city.  Accompanying Mr. Darvish was a Mormon colleague who sought to find a natural prophetic remedy for his heart problem that creates a lack of oxygen to the body.  As in the tradition of the prophets and especially Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), which have been embodied in the "Tibb-e-Ibn Sina" the Sidi gave a prescription of olive oil and another natural mixture of eleven herbal ingredients that is mixed in paste form.  Other things that were discussed were the social and sectarian issues between Muslims and Non-Muslims and Sunnis, Shia, Sufis, and Non-Sectarians.  His reply was that "There is only one Islam".  Which holds true in the Qur'an, there is a verse in the Qur'an that says not to split into sects.  He also invoked a blessing upon The Muslim Forum of Utah and the Utah and World Ummah for peace and prosperity.  May Allah (swt) reward the Sidi for all his great work abroad.  One very important thing that was noticed was the overwhelming amount of European-American and women Sufis within the 300 strong students attending the retreat in Ogden.  The University of Spiritual Healing & Sufism has set an example of what the Muslim community should be striving for in making peace with others and with ourselves inshallah. 

Friends & Family Night at The University of Spiritual Healing & Sufism Retreat 1/25/07 The University of Spiritual Healing & Sufism warmly invites you to join their students and faculty for their annual Friends & Family Days Spiritual healing and personal growth event at the Ogden Marriott Hotel in Ogden, Utah.  All Muslims & Non-Muslims are welcome to attend.  Many of the students of the school are not Muslim and happen to be of various faiths in addition to Muslim students who attend the University.  Please attend and discover the prophetic healing practices that have been embodied in the medical teachings of Ibn Sina.  Admission is FREE, reservations are required.  RSVP: 1-800-238-3060 (option 1/ option 1).  More info: Schedule:

The University of Spiritual Healing & Sufism Retreat 1/24/07 The Sufi Healing University, which is based out of California is holding an event all week long in the Ogden, Marriott Hotel.  They have reserved the whole hotel for the week to teach about traditional Sufi Healing practices that come from the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).  "The University of Spiritual Healing & Sufism, formerly The Jaffe Institute, trains peacemakers who lead, serve and heal in the way of God.  Have you ever dreamt you could be a person who can truly make a difference on this planet? If you have, you are probably one of the people who carries the qualities that our world needs and who has been called to know the higher light, and to use that light to heal yourself and others." - The University of Spiritual Healing & Sufism ( Please click here to register>>> or for more information contact Bobby Darvish at 801-979-7649. 

Editorial: Utah Imam Fired - Imam Shuaibudeen 1/24/07 We are dissapointed to hear of this event and wish to learn more from Mr. Shuaibudeen to hear his side of the story in regards to the the allegations of abuse and the Islamic Society board's reaction to them, which have sparked a schism in the Muslim community, with many members criticizing the way the board has handled the situation.  We have been contacted by Muslim and Non-Muslim members of the Utah community who have been criticizing the way the board handled the situation and the Imam's actions.  The next questions that arise are in regards to how the new Imam will be chosen and by whom.  We will post more information as it comes along inshallah.

Imam Shuaibudeen Update: His Relative Speaks Out 1/24/07 "a family representative in Chicago, where he has taken refuge, insisted that while there were marital concerns, the allegations in his wife's petition are "lies," inherently one-sided and do not tell the whole story. The representative, who asked not be named out of safety concerns, said "This was an angry woman and [group of men] trying to create and use a situation. . . to get rid of him." Certain individuals in the Islamic Society "were worried about the influence he has and knew he was onto something that wasn't right," the representative said. - The Salt Lake Tribune read more>>>

Imam Shuaibudeen Update: His Wife Speaks Out 1/24/07 "His representatives say her story is full of lies and is one-sided.  Apparently angry with how his dinner was prepared, Imam Shuaib-ud Din on Jan. 2 punched and kicked his wife and beat her head against a freezer until the door broke, the woman alleged in a petition for a protective order. The next day, the imam - the recently fired religious leader of the Islamic Society of Greater Salt Lake - threw a kitchen knife at her and threatened to kill her, according to a petition for a temporary protective order filed last week by Ayesha Siddiqa Din. The order, signed by 3rd District Judge John Paul Kennedy on Jan. 16, requires that the imam not contact his wife. It also requires him to stay away from their home and that he may not take his two children out of Utah, among other restrictions. The allegations of abuse - and the Islamic Society board's reaction to them - have sparked a schism in the Muslim community, with many members criticizing the way the board has handled the situation." - The Salt Lake Tribune read the rest of the article>>>

Imam Shuaibudeen Terminated as Imam of Khadeeja Mosque 1/21/07 It has come to our attention that Imam Shuaibudeen, who has been the Imam at the Khadeeja Mosque for the past seven years was terminated as Imam due to private matters regarding domestic issues.  Our organization was not officially informed by any of the officials of The Islamic Society of Greater Salt Lake, so we are researching into the matter and will report more once we find out any additional information.  The only information we are aware of is the article published in the Salt Lake Tribune and reports from brothers and sisters mentioning that this information was announced publicly at the last Friday Prayer, which is not ethical by Islamic Legal (Fiqh) standards.  Private matters are not to be announced in public, unless it directly has connections to public matters.  In this case, his leaving could be announced without the discussion of his private life.  Some questions that do arise regard the allegations made by Imam Shuaib in reference to him questioning finances, suspicious people and the lack of women in the Executive Committee of The Islamic Society of Greater Salt Lake. Also, to have Imam Shuaib rushed off brings a few questions to mind.  Was he shipped off quickly for his own good, or was it because of his questioning things in the ISGSL?  We would like to talk to Imam Shuaib or anybody that has information about him if possible to find out more information in regards to the actual events that took place that resulted in him leaving.  If there is anybody in our community that would like to contact us regarding this matter, please email us at

Alrasool Islamic Center Muharram Program 1/19/07 Alrasool Islamic Center, 470 E. Stanley Ave (3180 South), Salt Lake City. Starting from Saturday January 20th 2007 till February 2nd 2007. Program starts right after Maghrib/Isha prayers and last for 2 to 2 1/2 hours. Potluck dinner will be served daily. Daily Schedule: · Salaat al-Maghrib · Optional Rathaa/Marthia Arabic/Farsi/Urdu · Lecture/Speech ·  Latm/Matam/Seeneh Zani, Ziyarat Ashura . Potluck Dinner / Refreshments. The daily program will conclude around 8:30pm daily.  NOTE: Please don't bring any food this Saturday 20th January 2007 because one of the family have taken the responsibility to serve dinner, may Allah increase in their taufiqaat. Starting from Sunday 21st January 2007 onwards we will have potluck dinner and families are encouraged to bring food to share. Wasalam, AlRasool center Contact Information: Amir Zaidi 801.599.5358

Masjid As-Sabur Teams Up With The MFU!  1/4/07 The Masjid As-Sabur of Las Vegas, Nevada has teamed up with The Muslim Forum of Utah to bring to you the new locally and nationally supported Muslim Festival!  We have already been pledged $10,000 dollars for the festival from various donors, if you would like to donate or find out more information please contact

New Daw'wah Team! 1/4/07  It has come to our attention that we need to formalize a team of individuals who would like to volunteer their time to educate others about Islam.  Daw'wah in Arabic meaning "invite" or "invitation".  As it says in the Holy Qur'an: "Invite (all) to the Way of thy Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching; and argue with them in ways that are best and most gracious: for thy Lord knoweth best, who have strayed from His Path, and who receive guidance." - Yusuf Ali translation.

New Forum Halaqa! 1/4/07 The Muslim Forum of Utah Halaqa will be every Friday evening from 5pm to 6pm at The Alnoor, Khadeeja, or Alrasool Mosque depending on the week.  Please call Bobby Darvish at 801-979-7649 or for more information on the place!  Halaqa meetings can change without notice for the time being, so please email or call in advance for more information!  We hope to discuss current issues pertaining to the forum, local community, national community, international community, and religious topics (ie. Quran, Hadith, Prophet, etc.).  If you wish to host a forum halaqa, please let us know!

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