The Khadeeja Mosque Greets a New Imam

From the emails we have received, the question that arises with a lot of people in the community is why the new Imam happens to again be from an Indo-Pakistani background who is here on a permanent residency and is not even a US citizen.  However, it appears that the EC of the Islamic Society of Greater Salt Lake has taken upon itself the responsibility and accountability for the new Imam by issuing  a one year contract (probation) in order to see if Imam Farooqi is fit to be the Imam for this American city.  Also, because a person's race and national origin cannot be considered when applying for a job, the person chosen is who the Islamic Society of Greater Salt Lake's Executive Committee thinks is the best qualified choice for the Mosque.  To his credit, Imam Farooqi has served as an Imam in Queens, NY and he is a student of Medicine.  He has postponed his medical school for one year to serve as the Imam of the Khadeeja Mosque (Masjid).  We at The Muslim Forum of Utah send our "Salaams" and welcome him in to our diverse communiy (Sunni, Shia, Sufi, and Non-Muslim).  May he be successful in his work inshallah.  We hope to see better cooperation between Sunnis, Shias, Sufis, and Non-Muslims in order to create a mutually beneficial community that will grow and prosper.

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